Is It Termite Renewal Time?

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After moving into your new home one of your first calls should be to Scout’s Pest Control to schedule an eastern subterranean termite treatment and the interior/exterior pest control inspection. With inspections complete, quarterly pest control treatments will be on schedule to keep the home’s interior and exterior insect free. 

To ensure your termite treatment continues to be effective there is an annual inspection and renewal, similar to a renewable warranty, to provide continued termite prevention. Many people, especially first-time homeowners, are surprised to discover that termite treatments are an ongoing. They typically include a yearly charge, which is in addition to monthly pest control fees.

The cost of the termite renewal

The cost of the termite renewal is generally a fraction of the cost of the initial treatment since an inspection doesn’t take as much time and is easier to accomplish. While chemical treatments have long-term staying power, inspections and re-treatment (if needed) is necessary to ensure your home is termite free and has adequate treatment coverage to combat any future infestations. 

If the home has been chemically treated, the renewal usually includes a visual inspection to check for damaged wood, mud tubes and any sign of live termites. The technician often will provide helpful suggestions for decreasing the chances of attracting termites. If signs of termite re-infestation are discovered then re-treatment is typically necessary and the associated charges will be at little or no cost to you. Also a Scout’s termite bond covers any repair costs if after treatment live termites are found in a damaged area.

While you may be tempted to skip a year or two or three to save some money, please keep in mind the cost of repairing termite structural damage can easily run into thousands of dollars, not to mention the stress and inconvenience to your family’s daily routine, as well as the cost of having the entire structure retreated after repairs have been completed.

Concerned you have a termite problem?  Scout’s Pest Control offers complementary termite inspections. Connect with us today online or by calling 864-469-4999