Becoming a Preferred Realtor will not only streamline the CL-100 Termite Inspection process for you and your clients, but it will also save you time and money!

cl-100 termite inspection

We Will Streamline Your CL-100 Termite Inspection


Termite Inspections are a necessity for the seller of a home and of course, the buyer. It’s not only peace of mind, but is a requirement of many financial operators. We work with realtors, home owners and lawyers. Prefered realtors receive priority scheduling, free re-inspections, and discounted pricing on CL-100 Termite Inspections. 

We are respected by many realtors; we can schedule inspections through the realtors appointment center, which means you no longer need to waste your valuable time meeting inspectors.

Accurate and Fast CL-100 Termite Inspection

Once the termite inspection is complete, we will provide an accurate report, which will be emailed to you as soon as the inspection is complete, typically within the same day of completion of the termite inspection. If there are issues found during the inspection, pictures of our findings will be attached as well as a thorough description of the findings on the report.

Preferred realtors (and their clients) will receive discounted pricing on the treatment or repairs, removing as much stress as possible from a stressful situation. This service alone is valuable for seller and buyer as well as the realtor.

If necessary, we will review any termite inspection report and conduct an on-site evaluation. We can walk you through the report and answer any questions that you may have. If structural determination is needed, we have partnered with a State Certified general contractor to streamline the process, which will be discussed in-depth with you.

cl-100 termite inspection – If Re-Inspection

We offer free re-inspections for those deals that just don’t close when they are supposed to. No more scrambling around changing the HUD at the last moment. This allows you to schedule the inspection on your timeframe without the inconvenience of worrying about a potential re-inspection.

Think of Scout’s as your real estate closing concierge when it comes to all of your termite, pest and moisture control needs. This program will not only benefit your clients and make things easier for you, it will get you to the closing table more often.

Scout's Pest Control are a standout inspection company. In a world of players and sold out pest control (and house inspection) operations, who soften and cater to the real estate broker/companies who hire them to "make a report better than it really is" Kenny is a straight shooter and will be totally honest with you about his inspection of a crawl space and home pest invasion. He saved me from making a huge mistake, when the seller came in after I paid Scout's for the CL-100 letter, and the seller's agent hired another pest control company to come in and "soften" the report. Proof that you can trust what the folks at Scout's Pest Control tell you. Also, you can call them after the inspection and ask more questions. Very easy to talk to and understand.

  • Online Ordering
  • Discounted Pricing
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Detailed report including photos
  • Time Savings
  • Free Reviews and Follow-up inspections
  • Supra access & ekey access
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff





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