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Home, Family, and Property

Scout’s pest control Greenville SC, has been the leading pest control company serving the residents of Greenville SC, Anderson SC, Simpsonville SC, Laurens, SC and all other local surrounding areas. We have a top reputation for pest control services, and crawl space encapsulation. Our range of pest control services is comprehensive and includes; termites, Bed Bug, mosquito, and moisture needs, Scout’s Pest Control has your needs covered. Looking for a specific pest problem to be solved in a safe and efficient manner? 

Looking for the piece of mind that comes with a service that is completely guaranteed? Simply looking for some expert advice? Call us for a free evaluation and/or termite inspection in Greenville SC and all surrounding areas. Help us support Meals on Wheels of Greenville Pet Food Program. We will take $1.00 off your bill for every pound of dry food or can of pet food that you donate*. Please call or ask your Scout’s representative for details. We offer free inspections, complimentary re-treatment and a 100% money back guarantee. *Pet food must be unopened and sealed.


pest control greenville sc

Greenville SC Pest Control Services

Get a free month when you start out regular pest control service for your home or your business. We serve Greenville Sc, Spartanburg, Anderson, Simpsonville and all surrounding areas.

pest control greenville sc

Simple Solutions

Our comprehensive Bi-Annual pest control program performed every 6 months

mosquito control greenville sc

mosquito control

Don't get bugged by pesky mosquitoes, get treatment to rid you of your mosquito problem and enjoy your home mosquito free.

pest control greenville sc

home pest PREVENTION

If you have a home pest infestation, contact us to take care of you.

pest control greenville sc

termite control

We go above and beyond to help you protect your home from termite infestations. Call us for a termite inspection now.

Check out our before and after encapsulations

Find out what is going on in your crawl space with our free crawl space inspection. Most infestations start in the crawl space.

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What people say

I love theses people, they are always on time, so friendly with myself and my pets. Very details. Always making sure you have no problems and making sure u are happy with the service. Thank u so much . Would recommend them to anyone, and they do it all..
scouts pest control
Eckla Harris