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Let’s face it, we all want to have that dream home, and when you have been saving and sacrificing things for many, many years, you finally have enough to go and buy that dream home. The excitement is just unbearable, and you find the perfect home in a suburb of Greenville, SC. It’s a hip and happening place and just the right place for a young, dynamic couple or even an older couple later in years. The home buying hunt has begun.

You Found Your Dream Home But Wait

You have found your home after what seems like an exhaustive search all over the city and its local suburbs. Just when you think there is nothing left to live for, and you are tired of the over — happy, over — zealous realtor, who is more interested in the sale than your happiness, you see it. It was just beautiful and everything that you imagined, but perhaps a little older than you would have liked. Older houses have history, they have character, and you love the home. Yes! You have started calling it your home. Nevertheless, older houses, can come with problems, and you have to be careful. After all, this is all your life savings.

The Realtor Says You Need a Home Inspection.

Your mind wanders to how your home will look with all your loving touches and traditional decor. You see yourself growing old and sitting on the porch in your rustic rocking chair waving to passers-by and enjoying the waft of that cornbread you have in the oven.

Your daydream has just been rudely interrupted by the realtor. You are told the next thing on the agenda is to have the home inspector round to carry out the home inspection. Putting your mind at rest, the realtor explains this is normal and will ensure there are no issues with the home. Everything looks peachy and the realtor suggests all will be well. It is one of those necessities, but the cost is a little more than you would like to hire a home inspector. It’s 700 dollars, and that seems like a chunk of change, but at the moment, the vision of the perfect happy home invades your mind.

The Inspector Comes

The day has arrived, and the home inspector arrives with an array of measuring equipment, a torch to go into the crawl space, and all sorts of tools for the job. With a convivial smile and nod, he gets to work carrying out the inspection. He is all over the place, and he seems like he is doing a thorough job. Disappearing into the darkness of the crawl space, you see his light shimmering through cracks in the foundation, but that’s nothing that a little plaster won’t fix. You try to convince yourself it’s fine. There it is, that daydream again, and you can literally smell the cornbread wafting up your nose.

You hear him cuss underneath and put it down to maybe a missed step or something simple like moving around in an uncomfortable way. Later, he emerges from the crawl space and continues along like nothing was phasing him. The excitement in you wells up as soon, you will have your dream home and that dream will be reality.

You have another appointment and have to leave, but you know that you will get the report soon enough. The inspector is still at it, and you don’t want to upset his flow as he moves around the home. As a fond farewell, you take one look back at that beautiful historic home. It will soon be yours — or will it?

The Inspection Report

The day has arrived, and you receive the report. Your whole dream has just been shattered. There were multiple issues the inspector found. From the look of it, your potential home has some structural problems, pest issues and problems with the moisture content. Could it be any worse? That report cost you a chunk of change, and what if there was even more? What if he missed something. It does not matter, because there is no real responsibility from the home inspector. It just costs you a load of dollars to have your happiness stolen right from under you.

You should have chosen a professional to carry out the CL100 termite inspection.

Here is what you should have done way before you got the home inspection. You should have booked a CL100 inspection, also known as a wood infestation report from a qualified and licensed company such as Scouts. The CL100 is also known as a termite inspection, though the former is the professional term for the report. Termite Inspections are a necessity for the seller of a home and, of course, the buyer. It’s not only peace of mind, but is a requirement of many financial institutions.

That cussing you heard when the home inspector was under your crawl space, was the shock when he saw how much termite damage was in the crawl space. That was only the start.

A Cl100 inspection would have cost you way less and helped save all that emotional upset. Let’s look at the benefits the cl100 will get you.

Your CL100 Wood Infestation report would have saved you heartache.

cl100 wood infestation report

First and foremost, a cl100 termite inspection would cost you a lot less than your home inspection. You would also receive a full report on those findings which you would have received incredibly quickly. The cl100 inspection would have covered much more than just termites. Fungus, wood decay, moisture and all other pest issues, especially pests that are damaging to the wooden structure. Therefore, the structural integrity of the property would be in question.

Spend Less On A CL100

Think about this. What is the point in spending an inordinate amount of money on a home inspection, when the seller will not fix anything that is found. You are out of pocket. The CL100 Inspection has a level of responsibility that comes with it – meaning the inspector can be held responsible for not declaring anything that is problematical. Furthermore, for only 100 dollars, that inspection will often find far more than a home inspection will not. The report will enable you to make an informed decision on the scope of the problem or help you to negotiate costs.

Your CL100 is an Investment

This termite inspection is an investment and is something that is easily affordable and not as hard a loss as a home inspection that costs you exceptionally more with no real responsibility. The cl100 has to be carried out by a licensed professional and would be a legal necessity, so it should be the first inspection you should have done. It will save you in money and emotional upset.

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