How Your Crawl Space Affects Your Home

Tips from Scout's Pest Control in Greenville, SC to keep pests out of your crawl space.

Be honest, when was the last time you thought about your crawl space? Probably, the answer is never, but don’t fret, you certainly aren’t alone. Here in the South with our share of warm and humid weather, crawl space problems can have some pretty serious repercussions.

Potential Affects

  • Water in your crawl space can occur for a number of reasons; condensation, drainage problems, standing or blowing water after a heavy rain, or from a plumbing leak. And generally it’s not the water that causes the majority of problems; it’s the water vapor or moisture. This dampness attracts pests, causes mold and mildew, can cause metal ductwork to rust, and can damage wooden floor joists and support beams. Basically anything organic is affected. 
  • There is nothing worse than guests you never invited and now can’t get rid of. A wide variety of insects and rodents consider a damp crawl space an open invitation to move right in. Ants, spiders, roaches, mice and rats, initially attracted by the moisture will often migrate from the crawl space into your living area. Unfortunately it only takes a tiny crack for them to get in.   
  • Often your interior air quality is diminishing from a damp crawl space. As warm air rises from the ground into the upper levels of your home, allergens, dust mites and mold spores go along for the ride. This creates unpleasant odors and potentially harmful health conditions. Known as the stack effect, an unhealthy crawl space can also create high humidity levels inside a home. This in turn can cause your HVAC system to work harder, generating higher utility bills. 
  • Depending on the age of a home, chances are pressure treated lumber was not used in the foundation construction. And even if treated lumber was used, the majority is rated for intermittent wetness, not constant dampness that often occurs in a crawl space with moisture problems. If undetected for a long period of time, rotting floor joists and girders can begin to sag and warp, causing not only a dangerous situation but an expensive one to repair. 

Experiencing crawl space problems due to all the recent heavy rains? Scout’s Pest Control is here to help. We are continuing to follow all prescribed CDC Covid-19 precautions and can provide no-contact service calls upon request. Please call 864-469-4999 today to schedule an appointment.

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