Scout’s Mosquito Control
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Special Event Treatment

Up to ½ acre.
one time treatment performed 24-48 hours prior to an event such as a picnic, party, or a barbecue.

Three pack of treatments

Up to ½ acre.
Prepaid Package includes 3 treatments spaced between 21-28 days apart

Seasonal Mosquito Package

Up to ½ acre.
Prepaid Package includes 6 treatments spaced between 21-28 days apart

Scout’s Mosquito Control Greenville

South Carolina enjoys good weather but unfortunately that good weather is also very humid at times and is a tremendous breeding ground for mosquitoes

Mosquitoes carry disease and can easily transmit the disease carrying parasites when they feed. They feed on blood and unlike those vampires of old – any blood is fair game. Then of course they pick up the disease parasite and transmit to humans when they feed on human blood. Now not every mosquito is dangerous because not all will be carrying disease. A mosquito has to be infected itself. However, mosquitoes are incredibly annoying and can make them intolerable in a home environment. 

Mosquito control is necessary in the hot humid summer months in Greenville South Carolina.

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scout’s mosquito control greenville sc
We offer a mosquito reduction service to help you enjoy your yard during the spring, summer, and fall months without the annoying and inevitable presence of those pesky mosquitos.

We treat the lawn area, trees, shrubs, and ground cover where mosquitoes congregate. Once the treatment is complete, it essentially repels mosquitoes and will kill them when they congregate on the areas that we treated. Depending on the weather, this treatment typically lasts between 21-28 days.

We offer three mosquito programs:






Guaranteed No Contracts pest control - starting as low as

$31 per Month