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Controlling pest with slab construction, presented by Scout's Pest Control in Greenville, SC

It seems the majority of new homes being constructed in and around the Upstate are being built on slab foundations. Slab built homes reduce the likelihood of flooding, gas leaks and problems with mold. There is also construction cost savings of a slab foundation over a crawlspace or basement. But it is important to keep in mind simply because a home has been built on a slab that is not a guarantee there won’t be some of the same pest problems found in homes with a crawlspace or basement. 


One myth many slab foundation homeowners erroneously believe is termite treatment is unnecessary since their home is constructed atop a concrete/rebar slab, with no wood coming in direct contact with the ground. Eastern subterranean termites live underground and construct elaborate mud tubes or tunnels in order to move around while searching for food. While it would seem obvious that a large hard slab of concrete would deter the termites, they are very resourceful and quite efficient at finding above ground access to wood. 

Just as a crawlspace or basement built home settles over time, the same is true of slab built construction. This settling causes minutiae cracks which allows termites an entrance. They are expert climbers and can gain ingress simply by scaling the side of the slab. Termites also may sneak in around the plumbing, electrical and mechanical pipe openings. Once atop the slab termites then begin to attack any exposed wood and can cause major damage before being discovered. 

Typical Insect Infestations

Due to the nature of slab construction…a concrete pad reinforced with metal rebar poured over a thick layer of aggregate to allow for drainage…eventually over time the slab will settle and cause the above mentioned foundation cracks. These cracks may attract other insects including carpenter ants, carpenter bees and pillbugs…more commonly known as roly-polys. The dark and damp conditions are the perfect place for these pests to set up housekeeping. While the pillbugs are relatively harmless, the carpenter ants and carpenter bees both love wood. They don’t actually consume wood, but they will burrow into and through the wood in order to make their nests. 

Because it is difficult to visually determine if your slab foundation home has an active pest problem, it is vital you schedule regular pest control inspections with Scout’s Pest Control. Locally owned and operated, Scout’s Pest Control offers free pest inspections along with a 100% money back guarantee. Call Scout’s today at 864-469-4999 for additional information.   

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