Tips from Scout's Pest Control in Greenville, SC to keep pests out of your crawl space.

Don’t Let Unwanted Crawl Space Pests Take Up Residence

Insects, pests and rodents are crafty little critters. And often times even a vigilant homeowner can end up with an under the house pest problem. If that’s a concern at your residence then remember the best defense is a good offense. Follow these tips to keep pests out of your crawl space. 

  • Never store anything even faintly food related under your home. This includes bird seed, gardening seeds and plants, dog and cat food and farm animal feed. Depending on the square footage some homeowners use the crawl space for additional storage. You might be tempted to store garage items, but that wooden shovel handle is a potential meal to a termite. So, no food, even items that are canned and sealed in plastic tubs. The risk of rodents and pests is just too great. 
  • Keep bushes, hedges and shrubbery neatly trimmed and away from around the foundation. These types of plants trap moisture allowing the surrounding ground to soften. This makes it easier for small rodents to burrow into the crawl space from underneath the foundation wall. 
  • Check and seal up any foundation cracks and open spaces around the vents and crawl space door using foam insulation or slabs of wood. For holes around plumbing, HVAC ducts and electrical and mechanical wiring use copper wool instead of steel wool to seal out rats and mice. And always keep in mind, no hole or crack is too tiny for a determined pest. 
  • Consider adding a light in your crawl space. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. A simple hanging bulb will work; just make sure the fixture and bulb are both weatherproof and rated for outdoor usage. 
  • Finally and most importantly, moisture control is critical. Simple DIY steps include installing a dehumidifier or ventilator. But the best and most long-term solution is allowing Scout’s Pest Control to encapsulate your entire crawl space with a professionally installed vapor barrier. This option, along with quarterly pest control inspections, will ensure crawl space pests and rodents don’t take up residence, especially during the colder and damper winter months. 

Serving the entire Upstate of South Carolina, Scout’s Pest Control wants to be YOUR trusted pest control provider. To schedule a complementary termite inspection please connect with us today online or by calling 864-469-4999.

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