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Awakening the Sleepers: The Importance of Early Spring Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are not only a major cause of death worldwide due to disease transmission but also incessantly bothersome. We often celebrate when the colder weather comes, thinking we are free from dangers. However, mosquitoes in South Carolina during summer nights are more resilient and complex than we think. They just bide their time.

We might dream of winter as a mosquito-free season, but unfortunately, the reality is quite different. During winter, mosquitoes do not vanish; they simply go into hibernation. When spring arrives, they become active once more, searching for blood meals and reproducing. Now that the warmer weather has arrived, you may find that mosquitoes start to become an early nuisance. Therefore, it is imperative to begin your mosquito control as early as possible. Nevertheless, let's dive in a little deeper to identify why they are such a problem in spring.

Shedding Light on Mosquito Hibernation

spring mosquito control

Let's debunk the myth about mosquitoes in colder weather and delve deeper into their behavior. As we already mentioned, it is a commonly held belief that mosquitoes die off when winter arrives. It’s often a false sense of security to believe the threat of mosquitoes dissolves during winter. Mosquitoes possess the remarkable ability to go into hibernation within holes or logs, while also displaying their adaptability by ensuring the survival of their eggs even in colder climates. You have to remember that mosquitoes have existed for millions of years and yes, that means they survived even during the ice age. Here is another shocker for you that may be right under your nose or home for that matter.

Your Crawl Space Is The Perfect Survival Shelter

Many crawl spaces in South Carolina are not encapsulated. This means that within the crawl space, the conditions are perfect for survival of many pests that over winter. These pests can be dormant and then awaken, and the crawl space often offers a food source, shelter and of course water. All the conditions that are conducive to survival. This includes the mosquito, which is often not considered to be a problem in winter or even considered a problem within the crawl space normally.

The adult female mosquito goes into a state of dormancy known as diapause and that normally occurs when temperatures drop below 50 degrees fahrenheit. The metabolic rate of the mosquito drops and goes into a suspended state until it is awakened, and the crawl space is the perfect environment.

As a consequence, the forthcoming spring season busts this myth of death in the winter. Mosquitoes return in full force looking for a blood meal to survive and thrive. Like all species on this earth, all that is needed is water, food and shelter, which are the conducive requirements for survival.

Mosquitoes In South Carolina

mosquito control

In South Carolina, the most common species are Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. Females of these species lay eggs that are resilient enough to survive harsh winter conditions. These eggs can lay dormant in dry conditions, and when spring rains come, they hatch into larvae, further contributing to the population boom. This survival strategy allows mosquitoes to return each year, ready to feast and reproduce considerably. This is why mosquitoes can explode in population so easily and become a continual problem into the summer months.

Tackling the Spring Mosquito Uprising

As the Mosquitoes re-emerge in spring, they are ready to feast, and seek out a blood meal to fuel the development of their eggs. This behavior is what leads to a rapid increase in mosquito populations. You may be a little shocked when it becomes a little warmer and when you are out walking around near a water source, you become aware of those pesky mosquitoes once again flying around your personal space and feasting on parts of your exposed body. Recognizing this, it becomes clear why early mosquito control measures are imperative. By starting our fight against mosquitoes early in the spring, we can interrupt their reproductive cycle, mitigating the inevitable summer mosquito invasion.

Mosquito Season Starts Earlier Than You Think

Mosquito season in South Carolina typically starts in the spring and lasts until the fall. However, that can change as the weather changes and warms up. Typically, April is what is a predominant thought for mosquito season, but in reality it starts early in March as spring weather starts to awaken life and spring rains offer the moisture needed.

spring mosquito control

A Reminder Of How Dangerous Mosquitoes Can Be

As previously mentioned, mosquitoes are one of the deadliest vectors on the planet, causing many deaths each year because of contracted diseases. South Carolina is a hotspot for mosquito activity due to its warm, humid climate. This also means that the state experiences a higher prevalence of mosquito-borne diseases. These include, but are not limited to, West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), and La Crosse encephalitis.

The West Nile Virus, although often asymptomatic, can in rare cases lead to severe disease or even death. EEE is another viral disease transmitted to humans and horses by the bite of an infected mosquito. While human cases are rare, EEE is one of the most severe mosquito-transmitted diseases, with approximately 33% mortality and significant brain damage in most survivors.

Winning the Mosquito Battle at Home

mosquito control

You can begin your mosquito control early by taking measures around your home to ensure you do not offer the right environment for survival of the mosquito species. Start with these tips and then begin your regular control program. Be vigilant now, and you will reduce the threat of mosquito infestations.

Here are some mosquito strategies to employ at home.

1. Eliminate Standing Water: Remove their nursery by checking for and eliminating sources of standing water. This includes emptying bird baths, pots, and buckets, and ensuring proper drainage. So many people leave plant pots full of water and this is a no-no!

2. Regular Yard Maintenance: Regularly mow the lawn, trim shrubbery, and remove debris from gutters. These areas are potential hideouts and breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

3. Install Screens: Where possible, install screens on windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home.

4. Crawl Space Encapsualtion: Pay particular attention to your crawl space. As mentioned before, this space could be the perfect environment to survive and thrive. Get your crawl space encapsulated.

4. Professional Pest Control Service: Engage scouts pest control for professional mosquito control early in the season.

Final Thoughts

Mosquitoes' survival strategy during winter is an impressive demonstration of nature's tenacity, underscoring the importance of our preparedness and early action in controlling their population. By understanding their life cycle, and taking steps to reduce their breeding grounds, we can transform our spring and summer seasons from a mosquito nightmare into a time of bug-free enjoyment. In South Carolina, the fight against mosquitoes is about more than just avoiding itchy bites; it's a crucial step in preventing the spread of dangerous mosquito-borne diseases.

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