Why you need backyard mosquito control? cover

Why you need backyard mosquito control?

Have you considered how dangerous mosquitoes can be? It’s springtime here in the south, and it is great to spend time outdoors, drink coffee on the patio, and enjoy looking over your plants in the garden. In fact, summer is right around the corner, and it is about to get humid. Getting outdoors to enjoy the season is on every homeowner’s mind. However, one of the most annoying things about being outdoors is the buzzing sound of mosquitoes everywhere you go in your yard. How can you enjoy your yard in the warmer months? Mosquitoes bite, and this can make enjoying your yard unbearable. Backyard mosquito control is imperative to protect your family from dangerous mosquitoes.

Mosquito Species

backyard mosquito control

Over 150 species of mosquitoes can be found in the United States. Adult male mosquitoes feed on plant juices, while female mosquitoes feed on humans and other animals. These female mosquitoes find their hosts by detecting skin odor and carbon dioxide. They typically need water to reproduce. Thus, their larvae can be found in pet dishes, old tires, planters, fishponds, drainage ditches, vases, and much more.

There’s a Good Side To Mosquitoes Too

Mosquitoes are helpful in the ecosystem. Their larvae are food for fish and other wildlife; however, when they surprisingly multiply fast, they become destructive and can cause diseases. In fact, they are the deadliest vectors on the planet. It is said that if all mosquitoes were to be eradicated from the planet, we would exist no more. Therefore, it is important to control our mosquito population and protect ourselves and our families from the dangers of mosquito infestations.

So why the need to have backyard mosquito control?

backyard mosquito control

It is important that we control mosquitoes so that we can enjoy the warmer season in our own backyards. We want to enjoy having a barbecue with the family and getting out into the garden in the sunshine. Here are the major benefits you need to consider.

1. Stops mosquitoes from breeding continuously.

Mosquitoes can rapidly breed in your backyard if there is a lot of stagnant water in your house or garden. They can quickly grow in number, and this, therefore, increases the threat of mosquitoes becoming a serious problem in your home area. The first benefit of backyard mosquito control service is that it destroys the mosquito breeding ground, thus limiting its ability to increase in number rapidly.

2. Avoid health risks caused by mosquitoes.

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These tiny mosquitoes are the deadliest vectors on the planet. A mosquito bite is a nuisance not just of how it looks but of how it feels. However, when you get bitten by a mosquito, a puffy red bump appears after the mosquito saliva is detected by your body. This bump becomes the response of your immune system against the intruder. Therefore, the bite is itchy and may cause dark spots on your skin.

Aside from itchy bumps, mosquito bites can also cause transmission of diseases such as Dengue fever, malaria, chikungunya, West Nile Virus, and encephalitis. Mosquitoes cause around 725,000 deaths yearly while infecting many more people worldwide.

3. Pets can become carriers

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For your pets and animals, it is important to keep in mind that mosquitoes can also pass viruses from animals to humans, like dogs, cats, and horses. When left untreated, both can lead to brain inflammation and encephalitis. They can also be carriers of heartworm disease for your pets. This can cause secondary infections from itching mosquito bites and cause health risks in livestock.

Yard Tips For Mosquito Protection

1. Cleaning your yard

Keeping your yard clean and free of stagnant water is the first step in mosquito control and prevention. Because uncovered stagnant water and swamps are the breeding ground of mosquitoes, it is advisable to keep your water sources covered. Throw away containers and old containers, such as plant pots, that may contain water. You can also trim bushes and branches of trees, and plant stems because that is where mosquitoes usually stay. You can also have a pot of natural mosquito-repellant plants like marigolds, lavender, cat mint, rosemary, basil, and citronella grass.

2. Installation of mosquito traps

If you want to protect pollinators in your garden, such as bees, then you can install mosquito traps. If bees are also eliminated in your garden, it will be hard for plants to pollinate and reproduce. Mosquito traps are pollinator friendly because they are only made for mosquitoes.

These traps use mosquitoes’ attraction to carbon dioxide and heat. The trap sucks in the mosquitoes, and once they are in the trap, they are then killed. Some traps also use propellers and vacuums to attract mosquitoes.

3. Install screens in your windows.

Another way to prevent mosquitoes from coming into your home is to put screens on your doors and windows. These screens should be so fine that even a small mosquito can not pass through.

4. Mosquito Fumigation treatment

Fumigation services are perhaps the most commonly used service for mosquito control. It is efficient and effective in keeping mosquitoes and pests away from the treatment area. About 90% of the mosquitoes in the treatment area can go away in a short amount of time. Of course, you must have several treatments to keep the mosquito population down. There can be no guarantees when it comes to flying insects, which is why regular treatment is imperative.

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5. Spraying larvicide and adulticide

Another efficient pest control service you can get is spraying larvicide and adulticide inside and outside your home. To control mosquitoes, you have to eradicate the larvae so that the mosquitoes will stop reproducing. Scouts Pest control experts use US-registered pesticides to spray in areas where larvae thrive. At the same time, adulticides are concentrated to kill adult mosquitoes that can transmit diseases and viruses.

Book your backyard mosquito control to protect your family this season.

With the numerous health risks that mosquito bites pose, there really is a need to control them. Scouts Pest Control just has the solution for you. Whether inside or outside your house, it is more comfortable and relaxing when there are no buzzing sounds of mosquitoes and annoying bites. Scout’s pest control has a seasonal special running right now. Call scouts and book your mosquito control this season. Buy a package of six treatments, and you will get one extra treatment free. Each treatment is spaced between 21-28 days apart.

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