Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Keep Your Home Pest Free

Keep your home in Greenville SC pest free with these declutter tips from Scout's Pest Control

We promise, spring really is right around the corner. Don’t wait until the ground thaws and the trees begin to leaf out before getting started on spring cleaning. Because as we all know, April showers bring May flowers…and insects, rodents and other pests. 

  • Flea control should be a year-round process for all your dogs and cats, whether they are outdoor guard dogs or strictly inside pets. Then as the weather begins to warm up consider having your yard treated by a reputable pest control company as fleas are common carriers on rodents, including mice, rats, raccoons and opossums. Then get in the habit of vacuuming not only flooring and rugs but soft upholstered furniture and pet bedding weekly. 

Spring Cleaning

  • Inspect and clean out your pantry. Now is the perfect time to examine all boxed, bagged and canned foods for expiration dates, dented or swollen cans, opened stale bags, or anything with obvious pest infestations. If possible, it’s best to store dry foods like flour, cornmeal, cereal, oatmeal and sugar in marked sealed air tight containers. Before replacing any food items, wipe down all the shelves, doors and walls, paying close attention to those dark back corners.
  • From the pantry head into the kitchen and do a good solid deep cleaning. Move the refrigerator and clean under and behind it. Remove the oven storage drawer, clean thoroughly and also clean the drawer runners and the kitchen floor under the drawer before replacing. Move all kitchen counter small appliances and sanitize the counter space underneath along with all other food surfaces. 
  • Check your window screens. After a long cold winter nothing is better than throwing the windows open and welcoming all that clean fresh warm spring air inside. The only problem is if the screens have become damaged due to wind, ice and snow, pests could easily become unwanted house guests. 
  • Declutter by recycling, donating, selling, or simply throwing away. The less clutter the less places for pests to take up housekeeping. And if clutter is untouched for long periods of time this makes the perfect breeding ground for rodents and bugs. It is not only important to declutter your home’s interior but also garages, outside storage buildings and all around the exterior grounds. 

Of course one of the best and most efficient methods of pest control is by scheduling regular inspections with Scout’s Pest Control. Serving the entire South Carolina Upstate, call Scout’s today at 864-469-4999 for additional information, or to schedule an appointment.

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