The Top Wood Damaging Pests In Your Crawl Space

The Top Wood Damaging Pests In Your Crawl Space

These are the top wood damaging pests that you should know about in South Carolina.

South Carolina has a warm climate, which makes it a perfect place for wood damaging pests. Throughout the year, local residents are targets of a variety of arthropods. One of the most dangerous pests your home can ever encounter is wood damaging pests, and especially within the crawl space, where the conditions are ideal. If ignored, these pests will create mass damage to the structure of the home.

In the United States of America, wood is the most important component used to build houses, not just in South Carolina. Therefore, It's a prudent move to launch a counter-initiative against wood damaging pests to protect our homes. Being proactive is always better than being reactive, because pests can destroy your wooden floors and walls, and that can be more expensive than you can imagine.

Their presence is associated with the problem of dampness, and standing water, which is often problematical within the crawl space. The pests can destroy wood by creating tunnels and feeding on the wood or, of course, nesting in the wooden structure. It is important to understand the basic behavioral patterns of wood-destroying pests so that you can deal with them effectively. You may not know it, but your crawl space is probably already a home for a variety of pests, especially if you have not given much care to the conditions therein. Given these conducive conditions, these pests will thrive and weaken the structural integrity of the home over time.

Types of Wood Damaging Pests

the top wood damaging pests in your crawl space

There are different types of pests that can damage your wooden structures. All of them can be harmful to your house and need to be taken care of in a timely manner. Leaving things alone because you have only seen a tiny sign of something you do not quite understand, can become catastrophic. Here are the top pests you should be aware of in our local area.


Many types of termites exist, such as Dry Wood Termites, Damp wood Termites, and Subterranean Termites. However, Dry Wood Termites are known for damaging both soft and hardwood, while damp wood termites feast on decaying wood. We are more concerned with subterranean species. They are more abundant in South Carolina, and cause more damage.

the top wood damaging pests in your crawl space

Subterranean Termites are an anomaly in that they can damage both kinds of wood. They are ravenous, and their behavior is consistent with continual consuming of wood. These termites are present in abundance locally, so houses here are particularly vulnerable to them. However, the crawl space is where it all happens, and where the conditions are more favorable. It is often the easiest place to thrive for these pests. This is why you must treat your home for termites, and, of course, your crawl space. Furthermore, you must also have a termite renewal done each year to ensure you are clear. This is a state requirement.

Old-House Borers

These creepy crawlers tunnel through wood and eat anything that comes in their way, leaving behind a material called "frass". Old-House borers only feed on pine, spruce, and a variety of coniferous woods. As these types of wood are pre-dominant in the majority of the homes in the USA, the old-house borer can turn out to be a nuisance for homeowners, and often goes undetected. This is why it is important to invest in quality pest control for your home.

the top wood damaging pests in your crawl space

Powderpost Beetles

Although this type of pest is commonly found in Australia, there is still a large contingent of their species wreaking havoc in the local area. Arguably the second-most wood-damaging pest after termites, powderpost beetles don't just invade and eat through the wood – they also lay eggs giving birth to larvae which further feed on the wood to make it weak and can slowly tunnel their way into the main parts of the house.

Carpenter Ants

the top wood damaging pests in your crawl space

Not all ants are equal and these species of ants can cause tremendous damage within a short time. Carpenter ants are probably one of the most damaging and often missed insects that cause wood damage in your home.

Carpenter ants are usually found in hollow trees, landscaping timbers, logs, posts, and wood used in homes and other structures. They're called carpenter ants because they use their powerful jaws to chew through wood and make their nests. So, if you find them in your home, it is prudent to act fast. Carpenter ants can cause damage in a relatively short space of time. The best way to get rid of carpenter ants is to remove the rotten wood from your home and seal it off. If the ants find a way back into your home, they will return and create more damage. Work hand in glove with your pest control professional to identify and treat the area for pest problems that could be damaging to your home.

Prevention alongside your Pest Program

Termites, wood boring beetles, carpenter ants are all wood – destroying insects that can cost you a great deal if ignored.

It's easy to forget about prevention when you're dealing with pests. Don't forget that simple prevention methods exist. They can help you to prevent problems with wood-destroying organisms in Greenville, and the surrounding areas.

  1. By repairing or replacing water damaged areas of your home, such as your roof or crawl space, you can reduce water levels in and around your property.
  2. Check out the wood for damage caused by termites, powder post beetles and other pests.
  3. If you have wood floors in your house, check them consistently for signs of damage.
  4. Remove debris from your lawn and garden.
  5. Remove any soil-to-wood contact.
  6. If you have water-damaged wood. Remove it and treat accordingly.
  7. Paint your bare wood, and stain it wherever it shows or around the property.
  8. Wood used in your home or business should be kilned and dried to kill wood-destroying insects.
  9. Keep the wood inside your home dry by maintaining heating and ventilation systems and using dehumidifiers.
  10. Keep pests out of your home by sealing any cracks, holes, or gaps in your foundation and walls.
  11. Get your crawl space inspected professionally and deal with any issues of high moisture or standing water in the crawl space.

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