Are Raccoons & Squirrels Making Themselves at Home in Your Attic?

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The coffee shops once again are selling pumpkin spiced lattes. Halloween candy and costumes line the store shelves. And cooler weather will be here before we know it. Which means, insects and rodents are beginning to search out the best location for their winter homes. And for raccoons and squirrels chances are pretty good your attic might just be on their radar. 

Signs You May Have Raccoons in Your Attic

  • Raccoons are nocturnal while squirrels prefer to sleep after the sun goes down. And depending on the square footage you could easily be hearing noise 24/7 as both can peacefully coexist if the space is large enough. 
  • You begin to hear squealing and crying (mainly heard during mating season,) growling, knocking and thuds like something was dropped, scratching, gnawing, and even running noises from above your ceilings, around your fireplace, in your walls, and especially in the garage due to less insulation above the garage ceiling. 
  • There is a strong unpleasant odor that may be so overpowering you can smell it from your personal living space but you can’t quite figure out where it is coming from. As you venture into the attic, you definitely find the source. Raccoon and squirrel urine and feces is very pungent and both carry health risks if inhaled or touched. 
  • As you check out the attic, depending on the time of the year, you may discover rodent nests. This is especially true from March through August which is prime raccoon and squirrel birthing season. In fact, many wildlife experts agree, if you hear or see rodents in or around your attic from March to October chances are pretty good it is a female with babies. 
  • While inspecting the exterior of your home you notice torn vents, damaged attic fans, bent soffits and possibly even clawed roof shingles. These are all signs of a possible rodent entry hole. Don’t let the size of the hole fool you. While a raccoon will need a slightly larger entryway, for squirrels and other rodents including rats and mice, the hole can easily be the size of a quarter or smaller. 

Should I Be Concerned About Damage?

  • Yes, definitely. As mentioned above, raccoon and squirrel urine and feces can cause health problems. 
  • Pests can quickly rip apart insulation and ductwork in order to make a cozy hideaway. 
  • From chewed electrical wires to gnawed plumbing pipes, if you begin to have unexplained electrical problems, notice a burning odor, or see insulation pulled away from plumbing pipes, these are some of the more serious damages caused by your uninvited guests. 

What Can I Do?

  • One call to 864-469-4999 is all it takes to quickly and safely get rid of whatever has taken up residence in your attic. In addition to rodent removal and eradication, Scout’s Pest Control also handles everything from termite control to eliminating fire ants. Plus Scout’s Pest Control offers moisture remediation and crawlspace encapsulation. And with Covid-19 still a major concern, you can rest assured knowing all Scout’s technicians have been trained in the latest CDC recommended practices and procedures.