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get squirrels out

We all love watching squirrels. Let’s face it, they can be real funny creatures to watch. As you watch the squirrel on the telephone wire go from tree to tree, you immediately start humming the theme tune to Mission Impossible in your mind or out loud. Watching them brings a sense of excitement until you realize that a squirrel may be heading to your roof and into your home and that spells — disaster!

get squirrels out of your attic

Noises from your attic might be from a squirrel on the roofline. The tiny creatures have a flexible body that helps them get in through the tiniest spaces. Once they are in, they can create havoc in your attic and then in your home.

So, even if you keep your doors and windows shut to avoid a visit from this unwanted guest, those squirrels might make their way into the house through a chimney, fireplace, or breeches in the structure and even the crawl space. They can also chew through soft and rotting wood at weak points to make an entry if they so choose. Therefore, If you have spotted squirrels around your home or hear those sounds in your attic or anywhere else in the house, then it’s time to call in professional pest control.

Here is why you need to get squirrels out of your house as soon as possible.

How do Squirrels get Inside Your House?

Squirrels can easily get inside your house through holes or weak spots in the structure, and they can chew their way through wood and other materials. They don’t need a lot of space to get in. A hole only a few inches wide or a hole the size of your fist might be enough to let an adult squirrel in. Flying squirrels are smaller than gray squirrels and can get into your house from the smallest of holes. This is primarily due to the fact they have very thin and flexible bodies.

They can get inside through the HVAC system and HVAC vents, attic louvers, ventilation fan openings, AC holes, crawl spaces and even through conduits for wires and cables. As the weather becomes cooler, squirrels are looking for a warmer place to escape winter. They can, of course, still be a problem in warmer weather, but the greatest threat is in fall and winter.

Why do Squirrels get into Your House?

get squirrels out

The motive of a squirrel getting into your house isn’t different from any other pest such as mice, rodents, and other pests. They are looking for food, shelter, and nesting space. The warmth of your house at night lures them into your home and, even better, if they have all the necessary means to thrive and survive. Thinking differently about those squirrels now?

If you have a backyard that has trees and other hiding places for squirrels, then they might also invite themselves into your house – especially if you offer an easy way in through a damaged roofline. The best way to avoid a squirrel getting into your house is to seal the points of entry. However, if a squirrel has been nesting in your attic, you might seal and trap the babies inside. Therefore, you should let a pest control professional take care of this problem before it escalates.

We use professional skills and traps to get squirrels out of the house and seal their points of entry, which is known as our exclusion service. Once the squirrels are out of the house, you can prevent their entry by following simple exclusion advice. Let’s look at why you should exclude squirrels from your home.

Why Should You Get Squirrels Out of The House?

Noises from squirrels can drive you mad at night.

Squirrels hiding inside your house can make the most annoying noises. At night, they create noises by chewing wood, jumping, and sliding across the roofline for hours. Imagine not getting enough sleep because of the incessant noise made by your new house guests. It can make you cranky, lethargic, and even unproductive, and that can also become dangerous to you and your health.

Trouble Pets

Your pets might also feel uncomfortable around them. Squirrels are the fourth-most common wildlife animal that attacks pets. Upon sighting a squirrel in your backyard, your dog might start running after it to chase it off. And a scared squirrel might bite your dog in when it feels threatened and that can cause even more issues. Remember the movie ‘National Lampoons Christmas Vacation?’ The scene where the dog goes bananas trying to get at the squirrel. Then imagine that in your home, and you will have an idea how bad things can get with your pets.

Steal Food and Leave Germs Behind

Squirrels get into your house to steal your food. It can be from your pet’s feeding bowl or the countertop. They also leave germs behind that can affect your health. You have to remember, these are still rodents and can carry the same diseases rodents carry as well as parasites and even the plague.

Why You Should Not Remove Squirrels on Your Own?

Removing squirrels on your own can be difficult and dangerous. If you have noticed the squirrels in your backyard or house, you might also have noticed how fast they move, how agile they are and how intelligent. Chasing them out of the house on your own might not be a good idea. Just remember that famous movie scene. That exercise could leave a trail of devastation in your home. Furthermore, they may not be as accessible to you as you think, and it could be dangerous for you to attempt any DIY removal.

They can also get into the tiniest and tightest spots that you won’t be able to reach, so chasing them out will be pointless. Additionally, a stressed and offended squirrel might attack you if you get too close. They also carry diseases that can be transmitted through contact and bites, such as rabies. That brings to bear a whole new problem.

Therefore, to avoid the pain and agony, you can call scouts pest control to ensure no squirrels dwell in the house ever again.

Permanent Squirrel Exclusion

Scouts Pest control are experienced professionals who will make sure that once we get squirrels out of the house, we will keep them out by ensuring we exclude them from the property. If there are any squirrels hiding in the attic or any vents, we will ensure the safe removal of the squirrels. After removing the squirrels, their nesting spaces and all potential holes that they have been getting access are blocked and sealed to prevent any further intrusion.

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