Dangers of Bats in your Home

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Bats have predominantly been given a bad reputation. Let’s face it: when you think about Bats, it immediately conjures up images of scary haunted homes, horror movies, and paranormal happenings. They instill fear in people and are misrepresented for their desire for human blood. Bats are the ultimate scare-fest.

However, these mammals can be beneficial because they eat certain pests that ruin crops and damage trees. While bats provide natural pest control outside, you don't want them to live in your house. They come with dangerous consequences living close to human dwellings and their cons far outweigh their pros.

Of course, they also aid in the control of insect populations and as far as pest control goes, they are quite adept at keeping other dangerous bugs at bay. Bats consume mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects that can spread disease. By doing so, they help to reduce the population of dangerous flying insects here in the South. Bats help protect crops from being destroyed and trees from being damaged or harmed by eating insect pests that feast on the flora and fauna in our region.

dangers of bats in your home

Therefore, bats are beneficial to the environment in South Carolina, but they can be a nuisance to homeowners. They can infiltrate homes and build nests in attics, walls, and other areas. Bats can be difficult to get rid of once they're inside, and therefore will require a local pest professional to remove them. Nevertheless, because bats can transmit rabies and other diseases, having them inside your home could endanger your health. Bats' droppings, known as guano, can also cover surfaces, causing a strong, foul odor and potentially increasing the risk of health issues.

Bat’s are territorial

Bats are territorial and will protect their immediate environment, and especially their nests. They will defend it against all other bat species. Moreover, any other animal that intrudes on their territory, including humans, are potential targets for these bats, which is why they often dive bomb homeowners. If you saw one living in your attic, do not approach the nest as it could be more dangerous for you – they can harm you. There are more dangers of bats in your home, and it's what they spread.

dangers of bats in your home


Consequently, the greatest danger posed by bats in and around the home is the potential to transmit deadly diseases and the passing of dangerous vectors into the home environment. They transmit deadly viruses that contaminate the air through the HVAC system and within the home through transmission in their droppings.

Bats are known to carry over 60 diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Because bats live in large groups, their germs spread quickly to every bat in the nest or colony. Furthermore, the transmission can be physical to a human by affecting the skin and as mentioned previously, the air through breached air ducts and even in the crawl space. If the environment is conducive to bats, the threat of infestation is greater.

Here are just some of the deadly diseases that bats can transmit, and whilst not all are as prevalent in the area, the risk is indeed high enough to warrant bat removal immediately.


The fungus Histoplasma lives in bat poop and can cause symptoms ranging from flu-like symptoms to severe lung infections. Most people become infected after contact with old guano in an attic or crawl space.

SARS Virus

SARS causes a severe acute respiratory syndrome, which includes chest pains, fatigue, fever, and headaches. In fact, in the past few years, we have been dealing with COVID-19 thought to be transmitted by bats.


Although bats rarely transmit rabies to humans, they are capable of spreading this disease. Rabies does remain a high possibility if you have pets in the home. Therefore, it is imperative to deal with a bat problem fast. According to the CDC, bats are responsible for roughly 7 in 10 rabies deaths among people who are infected with the rabies virus in the United States. This is due to the probability that many people do not understand the risks associated with bats in the home and the dangers posed to our pets.

Bats will damage your property very quickly.

Consider the costs of damage associated with a bat infestation. Not only do you have dangers of bats in your home due to diseases and viruses, but you run the risk of damaging the home and costing you much more than it would with bat removal and regular pest control. If bats get into your attic, they will cause damage to the property and can chew through insulation and harm wiring and other components.

Pest Control and Bat Removal

dangers of bats in your home

Even though bats are part of the ecosystem and good for the environment in terms of keeping pests down. It is important to not allow them to take shelter in your home. If they do, then you probably have a conducive environment for other pest infestations.

Don't wait for the bats to damage your home and spread diseases to your family. If you notice bats or see signs of a bat problem, contact Scouts Pest Control immediately.

It is also important to understand that bats are difficult to catch; it requires catching them and sealing the area to ensure they have no way into your home. Don’t delay, call Scouts Pest Control right away!

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