Termite Bonds and Termite Renewals

termite bonds

Why do we need Termite Bonds? Well, Termites are unwanted in any home, and they are like ninja’s that gain entry using covert methods. They can be controlled or destroyed using pest control methods and termite treatment strategies. However, you may think that once you are done and you have treated the problem, that it ends there. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Pest control does not work the same way as electrical or plumbing services or fixing an HVAC unit when there’s a problem. A Termite infestation is not something you want in your home at all. This is an ongoing war, and battle lines are drawn. Termites can return to their source where they have been before, especially if the conditions are conducive to their survival. The war has begun.

How A Termite Infestation Affects Property Value

In the USA, we have the perfect conditions that are conducive to the subterranean termites, which are the more prevalent species of termites in the area. The climate, humidity, and of course the availability of food sources make it a carnival for termite colonies.

Many homeowners neglect some simple precautions and more often than not, the crawl space is that very point where termites will gain entry and just from a few tubes can cause extensive damage in your home. See the video below for an example.

Termites feed on wood, yet they also wreak havoc to papers, books, HVAC and filtration systems, and insulation. In fact, termites love insulation, especially if it is foam board as so many builders install. There have been numerous studies in the USA at universities who conclude that, although it is thought termites eat insulation, they do not. Termites will burrow through insulation — especially foam board. The foam board also offers a constant temperature, which is conducive to the needs of the termites. Once the colony breeches the insulation of your home, numerous problems start.

National Termite Standards

In order to prevent termites from infesting a home, especially where foam boards are used. The International Residential Code, which is the national model building code accepted as industry standard. It prohibits use of foam board below grade in areas listed as “very heavy termite infestation” unless there is some method used to protect the foam board. This would be the use of a termite barrier, but the reality is that once infested, you cannot treat the board. It is therefore costly, but necessary to remove the board and re-insulate with foam that will be acceptable and repel infestations. Of course, if your home were properly encapsulated and had the right insulation such as bora foam, which also repels termites.

Homes that are affected in the US results in damage that can escalate to billions of dollars. That is how extensive a termite infestation can be. A small infestation can go undetected and destroy a home in 5 years. Imagine not being able to repair your home because you skipped on treating it, that could lead to financial ruin.

Termite Bonds – Termites and Your Property Value

A Termite infestation can affect the value of your property. If you are planning to sell your property, it is necessary to have it inspected for termite infestations, and disclose any infestation problems. Being unable to disclose this important information to any prospect owner may result in a lawsuit and even in punitive damages. If you are a homeowner who recently purchased a property, then an annual Termite inspection and renewal is necessary to make sure that the treatment of termites is continuous. This is why termite bonds are a prerequisite. Once this is complete, the Pest Control company will sign off on the termite bond for your property. Your legal obligation now complete.

When Termite Treatment Fails

Nevertheless, sometimes treatments sometimes fail, especially when termites bore through gaps that were left untreated. Establishing a barrier that could not be penetrated by termites sounds ideal, yet this is easier said than done. It may only take termites months or even weeks to start infesting your property again. Baits and traps for termites work well, but they can be merely quick fixes. They are just a band aid on a problem that can keep occurring. One long term solution is crawl space encapsulation of your crawlspace. If you encapsulate your crawlspace and have the right insulation methods, install crawlspace dehumidifier and remove the conditions that are conducive to termites and other pests, then you will win the war, not the battle.

Termite Inspection and Treatment

Chemical treatments work well, and they are guaranteed to keep off termites so long as the infestation is not deep into the structures of your home. However, it is still important to have inspections and even re-treatment when necessary. Termite Inspection and Termite renewal will take less time and these will be accomplished easily unlike the first time when a pest treatment was done. Having your termite bond renewed yearly is also a requirement of some states in the USA.


Treatment methods are vast and covered by different warranties. Trust a pest control termite expert that can inspect your home thoroughly and advise you the precautionary measures that may be necessary to combat termite infestation. In the long run, it’s all about the higher returns that you can gain from a continuous protection for your home. The following video shows you a termite inspection of the crawl space and how it will look after treatment and encapsulation.

Why Termite Bonds and Renewals

A termite renewal contract is offered at the onset of an initial treatment given. This is to remind homeowners that periodic inspections are essential. No matter how often the treatment is applied, re-infestation can always happen, you cannot control mother nature. Termite control is an upfront investment. However, this is an investment that will save you in the long term and one that should be budgeted for with any home buy or home renovation project.

Termite Renewal Inspection

The renewal of a termite treatment typically involves a visual inspection. Mud tubes and damaged wood are inspected if found. The pest control technician will also look for signs of an active infestation and report on this accordingly. It is the technician’s responsibility to give suggestions in reducing the likelihood of attracting termites in the future. If a termite infestation returns, treatment needs to be done again and re-inspected. Most pest professionals if they are the ones signing off on the bond or treatment will offer some kind of guarantee. However, many homeowners let their termite bond lapse and that can cause further problems. If you let your termite bond lapse and fail to renew, then you cannot hold the pest control company accountable for your misjudgment. The responsibility lies squarely on your hands.

termite bonds and termite renewals

Termite Costs

A continuous termite treatment helps to prevent a termite infestation in your home. This ensures that your home is adequately protected from any infestations that may occur in the future. Most homeowners — especially those who have just acquired the property may be surprised to find out about the yearly fees typically charged. Ongoing termite treatments may have yearly fees piled on top of the pest control fees charged every month. However, the necessity of Termite certificates exist as a state regulation and requirement. This type of requirement is put there to protect you or the buyer of your home.

Other Related Problems

Skipping a year or two to cut down maintenance costs is tempting. You may think that your home looks fine but infestation has started deep in the foundations and crawl space. Inspection and renewal costs are far cheaper than spending thousands of dollars to repair a termite damage to your property. The key is choosing a trusted pest control company to employ skilled technicians in inspecting your home.

Unscrupulous Pest Control Operators

It is often the case where a pest control / realtor relationship exists, that sometimes the parties involved can overlook things. This is often to make sure a sale actually concludes on a property and of course those who make money — make money. This is dangerous and highly questionable modus operandi that could cause legal ramifications.

It is therefore imperative that you choose a company that has an exemplary track record in carrying out termite inspections. Trust the company that can actually go deeper and can find issues that many miss over and over. It will be far better for you in the long run and of course protects the buyer from buying a home that has termite damage or current live problems.

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