The Importance of Quarterly Pest Control Service

Scout's Pest Control in Greenville, SC recommends a quarterly pest control contract

Bugs are very crafty when it comes to figuring out ways to get inside your home. Sometimes they take advantage of water leaks and sometimes they find a crack. Cracks, that are small to you, in your foundation, walls or windows are inviting to a pest. Pests can also hitch a ride inside, on everything from grocery items to the bottom of shoes. Scheduling regular pest control treatments, usually quarterly, will help manage new pest infestations. Regular treatment also takes care of any random bug that just happens to sneak in. Plus, a proactive pest inspection program will head off insect and rodent concerns before they become major problems. 

Health Threats

While an occasional bug is generally harmless, there are many pests that can be a cause for concern when it comes to your health. These pests can also affect the health of your family, and even your pets. One of the most common household pests is also one of the worst in terms of health concerns, cockroaches. Some species have been found to carry up to 30 different types of bacteria and can cause everything from respiratory allergies and illnesses to life-long sensitivity issues in adults when exposed to cockroach infestations as an infant or toddler. Other insects and rodents can contaminate food, dishes and glassware, causing severe gastrointestinal distress. 

Property Damage

“But I don’t have a pest problem” is one of the biggest arguments when it comes to homeowners resisting a quarterly pest control service contract. That may be true now but eventually you will, especially if you live in the South. Most of the time pests are trying to get in your home for food or shelter. Once inside some of these insects are capable of very quickly causing major damage before being discovered. Termites and carpenter ants nest inside interior walls gnawing on wooden wall studs and floor joists. And there are certain types of beetles, silverfish and moths that go after clothing, bedding, and upholstered furniture. Note, termite control is a separate service from regular quarterly pest control.

With a pest control service contract in place you have the security of knowing on a quarterly basis a licensed professional exterminator will inspect your home inside and out for any signs of pest and/or rodent infestation. You’ll be asked if you’ve noticed an increase in any bugs, mice or other rodents both inside and outside your home. If necessary, bait traps will be placed in cabinets, under sinks and appliances, and in the corners of garages and closets. Finally, a pet and child safe pesticide will be applied around the entire interior and exterior perimeter forming a protective barrier. 

Need a professional pest control service contract for your home? One call to Scout’s Pest Control at 864-469-4999 is all it takes. We offer complete interior and exterior pest control plans for every home and budget. Scout’s Pest Control: nobody does it quite like Scout’s! 

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