Five Signs You May Have Termites

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You might not realize you have a termite infestation until faced with a larger problem that could easily cost a small fortune to correct. If you begin noticing any of the signs listed below it is imperative you call Scout’s Pest Control immediately. It takes several years for an Eastern Subterranean termite colony to reach a mature size of about 60,000 workers.  A colony this size will eat 1/5 of an ounce of wood a day. That is about one foot of a pine 2×4 in six months.  

Signs of termites

  • Flying termites, also known as swarmers, is often one of the first signs of a termite problem. When temperatures, humidity, and wind speeds are just right, termites can swarm. These conditions are often met in the spring and early summer, however, they can occur year round, especially in the southern US. When swarming conditions are met, hundreds of male and female termites will leave their underground home simultaneously. They are in search of a mate in order to create their own new termite community.
  • A pile of discarded wings in a basement corner, on a window ledge, around an exterior door or inside a light fixture indicate the young winged termites or alates have found a mate and are reproducing. The initial male and female become the king and queen and can have a lifespan of over ten years in their growing colony.
  • Comprised of termite feces, saliva and dirt, mud shelter tubes generally found along the sides and bottom of a home’s foundation is usually a clear sign of a termite infestation. These tubes are a termite’s above ground subway system allowing them to travel between food sources and their nest while staying dry and protected from predators. 
  • You may find wood trim in your home that is soft and easily penetrated or appears rippled on the surface. Painted walls or walls covered with wallpaper may start to blister or bubble as well. In extreme cases some doors and windows will warp, becoming difficult to open and close. 
  • No, those aren’t albino ants invading your home, they are termites. While similar in size and shape, termites are creamy white with straight antennae. They have a thicker waist area and their double wing set is equal in size.

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