termites in winter

Termites in Winter

Termites in Winter, really! Animals tend to hibernate during winter. Termites are an exception because they remain active in winter, you just do not see that activity as much. So yes, you do get termites in winter months. Homeowners normally see a lot of termites during the warm season. They tend to be less wary …

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seeing stink bugs on your windows? here are some tips from scout's pest control in greenville, sc.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Stink Bugs

Originally from East Asia it is believed the brown marmorated stink bug entered the United States in the late 1990’s. They likely entered from either China or Japan in an overseas packing crate. However, The United States Department of Agriculture has never required stink bugs be reported and tracked. This has allowed them to easily spread throughout …

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how to control carpenter ants in greenville, sc - from scout's pest control

Carpenter Ant Control

You need carpenter ant control for your greenville home. While carpenter ants, just like all ant species, are considered an important part of our ecosystem, unfortunately they don’t limit their destruction solely to decaying trees. Carpenter ants can cause devastating damage, and in certain parts of the United States they are the number one wood-destroying pest, even …

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