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how to control carpenter ants in greenville, sc - from scout's pest control

Carpenter Ant Control

You need carpenter ant control for your greenville home. While carpenter ants, just like all ant species, are considered an important part of our ecosystem, unfortunately they don’t limit their destruction solely to decaying trees. Carpenter ants can cause devastating damage, and in certain parts of the United States they are the number one wood-destroying pest, even

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does crawl space encapsulation increase your home value? answers from scout's pest control in greenville, sc

Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Increase Home Value?

Frequently homeowners concentrate only on the obvious when it comes to updating and maintaining their home, especially if selling is on the horizon. And while fresh paint, a remodeled kitchen, or new windows definitely add value, home crawl space encapsulation adds both physical protection and comfort, while also increasing the overall worth of your residence. 

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